The Swedish Church cultural heritage

Sweden has a cultural heritage worthy of the name, including one of the world’s largest collections of mediaeval church art. Even the most remote country churches often house fantastic artworks. The Church of Sweden carries responsibility for one of the most tangible aspects of our heritage: several thousand church buildings throughout the country.

This cultural treasure has been built up over almost a thousand years, through interaction with other aspects of our society. By virtue of the historical position of the church, the buildings form and reflect a significant part of our history.

At the turn of the century, the Church of Sweden became an independent communion, and the parishes took on ownership and responsibility for all church buildings. This is a major long-term undertaking: if the historical perspective stretches a thousand years back, the responsibility for preservation, utilization and development of this heritage stretches at least as far into the future. The government plays a major role in financial contributions for upkeep of the churches. The biggest contribution comes from the church members through the obligatory church fees.

Preservation of this common cultural heritage for future generations is of highest priority.